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The CONDOR L is the best choice for your Tandem flights on Trike with less weight, smaller dimensions but above all, immense comfort.

Technical data:

  • HsCOM Design 2023

  • Version for Rotax 447 or 503 engine (manual starter engines)

  • 100% Stainless steel (Frame)

  • 100% Aeronautical Aluminum (Gear & Front AXIS)

  • ATS - Anti Torke System

  • PCS - Pilot Compensation System

  • Front Brake

  • Unlimited Colors Frame

Made 100% in HsCOM

Sold with:

Frame | Protection Net | Gas Tank (18L) or 35L (by order) | Flat Wheels 

Harness Holders |Rotax engine bench | Bars and accessories | Mudguard

Merely illustrative images.


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